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Energye Plastiche

We are not just another supplier of plastic raw materials, we are your sourcing partner and we can provide you with integrated global solutions on time.  


Why us?

EP Energye Plastiche Group has been in the resins and plastic materials markets for almost 50 years. We consolidated a global presence with partnerships and distribution agreements from China to the Middle Easy, from the US to Latin America. We monitor the quality and reliability of our producers locally and we ensure a wide selection of opportunities to guarantee the best value for money. We offer first rate logistic support and we have the experience and the “know-ho” to work together with our clients during formulation and testing. We work closely with our clients to build long and fruitful relationships.

Integrated Solutions

We don’t see ourself as a simple supplier of plastic raw materials but we propose our company as a partner who can provide integrated and reliable sourcing solutions. We always look for new producers globally, we certify quality and we facilitate all custom and shipping operations.

Our Mission

To become the reference partner for Italian and European companies who wish to optimize their sourcing process for plastic resins.

Our Vision

To be one step ahead in the discovery of new quality producers which are able to efficiently export into Europe. To be able to design innovative sourcing solutions with a excellent balance between price and quality standards.

Storage and delivery

Logistics is one of the main strengths of EP Energye Plastiche. We own a facility near Livorno’s port where we take care of all customs operations. We work with a wide network of “shipping companies” on a global scale to ensure a quality packaging and the punctuality of the deliveries. We inspect the goods locally before their departure to make sure that they respect the contractualized quality standards. We enable our clients to receive the goods directly at their plants to avoid bottlenecks in their production cycles.


Federica Cirinei
Federica CirineiManaging Director
Federica manages all relationships with partners and key suppliers as well as all aspects associated with shipping and logistics. She has 20 years experience in the plastic & rubber business and a deep knowledge of the pricing strategies and import/exports operations.
Emanuel Cirinei
Emanuel CirineiSales Operations
Emanuel handles the commercial operations on the Italian territory and provides quotations offerting pre-sales and post-sales support.
Benedetta Cama
Benedetta CamaMarket Developer
Benedetta is in charge of the new markets development. Her role is strictly connected to the management of the global transactions and she is the key reference contact for our international suppliers.
Alex Boldrini
Alex BoldriniFinance Manager
He manages our financial and administrative department. He follows our accountancy and the internal controlling activities.


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