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EP Energye Plastiche Group Srl. is one of the leading distributors of “plastic and rubber raw materials” in Europe and worldwide.

Our fifty years experience in the plastics sector has the opportunity to develop important partnerships for the exclusive worldwide distribution of engineering, commodities, additives, agents, shock-resistant synthetic rubber, etc..
With experience and professionalism of our international partners and leading manufacturers we work with, we can solve any research and development of new materials and new technologies by analyzing in detail the needs of our customers.

Consultancy and training

EP Energye Plastiche Group supplies technical consultancy and training to several chemical companies in Europe. Our structured courses involve both technical and commercial aspects of trading and testing to support client from the resins selection stage right through to production testing and follow up.

Logistic Support

We assist and support our clients during the entire sales cycle. We are able to offer reliable, cost effetive and fast booking and logistic services bringing the goods right where your production premises are and we manage all aspects of customs operations.
We have facilities to stock the resins safely located near the ports.
Dedicated Business Lines

Our company is organized with business lines dedicated to different product ranges. Our PVC division is leading the Italian market and operates since the seventies importing prestigious brands such as Westlake, Georgia Gulf and many more.

Global Approach

We continuously monitor the world markets using Internet and a wide network of agents who reside in several key countries. We pay attention to the pricing fluctuations globally to be able to supply a quick and cost effective trading solutions.

Not just resins….

EP Energye Plastiche Group is not just plastic raw materials. We deal with extruded sheets in PMMA /ABS manufactured with state of the-art-technology and plastic packaging items for the domestic market.



This video was created for the PLAST 2012 which took place in Milan: